Please use the Credit Card Repayment Calculator below to calculate the estimated repayment period (in month) and estimated repayment amount (including principal and finance charge) of (i) repaying with minimum payment due of statement each month or (ii) repaying the monthly fixed repayment amount required to pay off the outstanding balance in 36 months.

Please fill in the following information:Outstanding Balance and category:

Retail Purchases

Cash Advance
 % (Daily interest rate)

* Please refer to your statement or contact PrimeCredit Customer Service Hotline for your credit card applicable interest rate.

1.Assumptions of the above calculations (i) no new transactions (including but not limited to unposted installments amount, unposted transactions and recurring transactions), annual fees, cash advance fee and other fees and (ii) repayments made on or before the payment due date of each statement.
2.Minimum Payment Due HK$50 or the aggregate amount of all the following items (whichever is higher): (i) All finance charges and other fees & charges billed; (ii) 1% of statement balance (excluding all finance charges and other fees & charges); (iii) Outstanding Minimum Payment Due (when applicable); and (iv) Total over-the-limit amount (when applicable)
3.For the applicable interest rate of your credit card, please refer to your statement or contact PrimeCredit Customer Service Hotline.
4.The calculator and calculated results are for reference only. Please refer to your monthly statement for your card account details and make timely payment as instructed accordingly