Customer Alert – Fraudulent promotion activities by individuals posing as PrimeCredit

Recently, fraudsters claiming to be PrimeCredit staff have been contacting customers by phone and instant messaging apps. By using fraudulent tactics (for example, offering extra preferential interest rates on various loan products), they induce customers to provide personal information such as ID card copies, payroll slips, proofs of address and bank statements.

To minimize the risk of becoming a victim of fraud or incurring financial losses, we recommend that customers adopt the following measures:

  1. Where customers are suspicious about the identity of the callers, customers should request for the caller’s information (e.g. name and contact numbers) and verify with us. Customers who have received suspicious SMS messages should also verify the content and hotline numbers contained in the messages with us before calling the numbers, rather than just following the information provided in the messages.
  2. Anyone who suspect he/she has provided personal information in response to such a call or instant message purportedly from PrimeCredit should immediately report the case to the Police for investigation, and contact us by email to [email protected].