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I declare that I am not related to or a spouse of any of PrimeCredit’s directors, employees with lending authority, or that any of the mentioned types of person is currently acting as my guarantor.
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I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions set out above. I confirm that my personal data provided will be used for processing a credit card at PrimeCredit Limited. I agree that PrimeCredit Limited (“ the Company”) will keep and handle my personal data according to the Company’s Notice to Customers and Other Individuals relating to the Personal Data(Privacy) Ordinance and the Code of Practice on Consumers Credit Data(“Company’s Notice”) and I have read and understand the Company’s Notice at the Company’s website ( I also understand and agree that all personal data relating to me collected by the Company may be used and disclosed for such purposes and to such persons (whether in or outside Hong Kong) in accordance with the Company’s Notice. I also declare that no bankruptcy, litigation or administrative proceedings are currently made against me or to my knowledge threatened, nor do I have any arrangements with other lenders which might prevent my repayment of the Credit Card. I authorize the Company to make such enquires as the Company considers necessary to verify such information and for credit assessment purpose.
I have read and agree all the terms set out below.
  1. During the Credit Card application and Credit Card validity (after Credit Card approval), I confirm that I will keep a valid employment contract and working visa and warrant that termination of my employment contract or working visa is neither being discussed nor is to be in effect during the period of the Prime Visa Credit Card validity. At any time during the term of the Prime Visa Credit Card such event occurs after Credit Card approval, I shall be obliged to immediately inform PrimeCredit and PrimeCredit reserves the right to request cardholder to repay the outstanding balance of the Prime Visa Credit Card together with the accrued interest and other charges/ fees as instructed by PrimeCredit.
  2. I have read and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Prime Visa Credit Card Application, Terms and Conditions of Welcome Offer (if applicable), Terms and Conditions of Prime Gems Loyalty Club and Prime Gems Points Redemption, Terms and Conditions of PrimeCredit Credit Card Cardholder Agreement and all the Terms and Conditions contained in this application form. I agree and accept to be member of Prime Gems Loyalty Club and account holder of Prime Gems Points account upon issuance of Prime Visa Credit Card. I agree and accept the languages (including but not limited to English, Bahasa and Chinese) to be used in all communication materials related to Prime Visa Credit Card. Majority of the messages related to Prime Visa Credit Card will be sent by SMS or notifications pushed via the Prime Gems mobile app. I agree that my phone and/or mobile number provided to PrimeCredit is valid and that my mobile number is able to receive messages during the holding of Prime Visa Credit Card.
  3. I understand and agree that my Credit Card credit limit and 8% of the credit limit will be written in any relevant and applicable credit reference report(s) of mine upon Preliminary Approval of my Credit Card application. Such Entry shall remain unless I have paid my balance in full and submit cancellation request. Upon acceptance of the cancellation request, PrimeCredit will notify me the result and I will have to go to PrimeCredit branch in person for entry closing.